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1. Algorithm

Future in agony - Perfect murders; Patterns of destiny - Demand blood; Death is necessity - Vague the meaning of reasoning; Painful fatality - Torture you, pain so true; Instant depravity - Psychopath...

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2. All Things Dead

An insatiable lustful frenzy; To expand far beyond the outermost shell; Assimilate to duplicate - (Procreate); Begetting the core cell; Mass production - (Mass consumption); Devour inordinately outsid...

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3. Amoeba

Simple, Pure Life, Evoked; Gorged With, Illness, Disease; Mutate, Hidden Secrets; Transformed, Life Forms of Death; Treachery Constantly Bleeds from Me; Sinking Deep in My Seams Morbidly; The Minute A...

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4. Antithesis

Opposite, inversion, polarize, ostrasize; Counteract, rise against, oppose all, agonize; Opening our path to ending, contravene in antipathy; Kill to, breed peace, death to, all war; Unordain, opulenc...

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5. Awaken The Suffering

[lyrics: Lee, music: Turner]; Awaken suffering souls of mine; Embrace me with all your hearts; Follow me to your new battlefield; Make martyrs of all their kind; Crush the weak, destroy my enemies; Sp...

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6. Cloning The Stillborn

You’re born dead; Into oblivion to be brought back; To our world – you have no soul; Lifeless your life is, no one can tell you why; Why this life, why was I brought to this place; Why must I deal wit...

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7. Consuming Misery

Deep within my sordid thoughts of decadent dementia; I have deemed the only way to sustain psychosis; Is to force my life's disdain upon the helpless victims; Unfortunate to cross paths with my imagin...

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8. Continuum


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9. Debased Humanity

Oppressed---; Burdened--- Unsettled Time; Defile---; Pervert--- The Vicious Cycle of Our Lives; Corrupt---; Degrade--- Virtue Erased; Debauched---; Spoiled--- Dilution of Our Tainted Kind; Rotten---; ...

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10. Designed To Expire

Hatred swelling deep within the souls of all today; I commend it, I condone it, raging to a head; Festering the anger cannot be put down to rest; It still needs, it still breeds, it still waits to fee...

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11. Disease Called Man

The beginning, disorder of the earth, deadly disease called man; Epidemic of our inheritance, monstrosity, mankind; Start of the end, death by capacity, like a virus, killing; Humanity living in conse...

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12. Echoes Of Decimation

The Voice of Dying; Perishing; Multitudes of Crying; Have Been Saved; Echoes of the Conquered; Resounding--- Through All Our Minds; Blessings of Their Hatred; Are Merging---; Confluence of Their Screa...

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13. Endless Cure

Lurid maelstrom, ignite knowledge beyond all time; I have come – to now collect all your souls, come to me; I’ve come to give sight, unspoken might; Severed, split – shearing until it divides to reviv...

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14. Finite

Born into the world, finite bliss; Cell redundancy, senescence; Self preservation, mortal coil; Revert all mortality, deaths abyss; Conversant to ending, dying, ceasing of existence; Morbid virtue, fa...

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15. Implosion Of Eternity

[lyrics: Lee, music: Ryan]; New beginning, thrust into our new consciousness, final ending; All reversing, infinity is uncoiling, how can this be? Unwound eternity; The air is gone, atmosphere evapora...

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16. Infliction

My life's scars run so deep, deep as in before birth; Some things just won't ever change, feed myself some more pain; Bad memories of childhood corrupting innocence; Not teaching me, misleading me, le...

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17. Inhuman

[lyrics: Lee, Turner, music: Manning, Turner]; Synthetic rearrangement; Breeding within all our minds; Genetically hybrid new creature; Destroying all our lives and oblivious to cries; Dead, you are b...

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18. Inner Reflections

Look into me painstakingly, what do you see? Stop judging me from what you see, try empathy; Society's conformity, opressing me; Tried desperately from infancy past puberty; Swallow me from my birth; ...

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19. Insurrection

[lyrics: Lee, music: Turner]; I'm imprisoned with the entire world, I'm insane; Enslaved to suffer your madness; Torn is my mind, destined to magnify all my hate; I am meant to rise above you; Fooled ...

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20. Kill Yourself

Can't take it, never could; Time to end it, wish you would; Friends and family, they're all gone; Life for you is just a con; Dig yourself a hole in the ground; Push up daisies six feet down; Take a d...

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21. Larvae Of The Lie

[lyrics: Lee, Ryan, music: Ryan]; Larvae of the lie bred on deceit, fear for life; Larvae of the lie, know now truth, no faith, no worth; Empty, you are blind, you're searching for no answer; Sacredne...

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22. Lethal Manipulation (The Bonecrusher Chronicles)

Bones begin to break, smash your fuckin' face; Beaten, you plead to live; Born to mutilate, live to desecrate, die, I will kill again; Adrenaline rush, pumping through my veins, boiling in my blood; M...

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23. Malthusian Collapse

Engorged in a rift of self-indulgency; While never accomplishing more; Than the split of our selves; Expand or die. Expand and die; We leave behind a myriad of blight; Successfully breeding ourselves ...

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24. Manifest Desolate

Never in memory more decisive return; Wrested from the incomparable burden of will; Heresy propagating insurgency; Triumph of nothing answer to an unbridled change; Without agency abandoning this husk...

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25. Manimal Instincts

You are helpless to me, hunting my prey, smelling my blood; I am hungry you see, nothing to eat, stomach empty; Your poor victim to be, take your clothes off, give yourself up; I am physically stronge...

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26. Meat For The Beast

[lyrics: Lee, Ryan, music: Ryan]; End of man is drawing closer; Destiny, forge the beast of man that yo made; End has come for your life, can't escape solidified reality; On your knees, soon to be dec...

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27. Mental Torment

Consume my thought, rupture my being; Devour my soul, mentally bleeding, what has this done to me? Live with this trauma, torment; Actions, words, forever immortalized, mistakes, regrets; Misery rippi...

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28. Obsolescence


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29. Origin

Slumber in death, we are unborn, absent of mind, time is a womb; Darkness; Out of the dark, into the light, luck and a chance; Spawning of life; Born into this uncertainty by chance, from origin incep...

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30. Permanence


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31. Perversion Of Hate

[lyrics: Lee, music: Ryan]; Lighting the fuse; Months of planning now becomnes beginning of our wor; for mankind; Hatred flowing to destruction; Sickening heart that hardened amongst failures of a; wa...

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32. Portal

[lyrics: Lee, music: Ryan]; Forever I've suffered in this world, con't prosper, no; Monument of ruin, dead empires, statues decay; Endlessly searching for an end to my pain, gone; Seething, tumultuous...

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33. Reciprocal

Agony inside me, enemies surround me; Misery confide in me; Your soul soaked in sickness; Being plagued with weakness; Fill your world with meekness; Drowning deep in sadness; You can’t take the madne...

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34. Redistribution Of Filth

Violent history of the substance known as man; Through the annals of the universe is best described as cancer; Cells that permeate the vital organs; Greed is the only antioxidant; For what is never ne...

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35. Sociocide

[Music by: Appelhanz, Turner]; Individual characteristics, fatal birthing right, overpopulate; Inefficiency leads to misery, human circumstance; Deadly consequence; World we dominate, mass obliterate;...

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36. Source Of Icon o

Men of God and men of war; Carry strange affinities; A thirst from time immemorial; To be last to drink of the cup of blood; And wield some form of divinity; Far beyond the delusional congress; Guidin...

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37. Staring From The Abyss

We have returned to the edge of our lives; To gaze deeply within the; ---meaning to just why we’re here; Look deep inside all your miserable minds; Only then you will find the; ---meaning to why you’r...

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38. The Absurdity Of What I Am

The loathsome emptiness of an inverted landscape; Nature is destitute earthly quarantine; Defanged and stripped of ego failures shattered psyche; Amniotic wormhole passage to obsolescence; Echo surmou...

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39. The Aftermath

Colonized in your cells, sickness, constant shifting; Too late to be afraid, organs, liquefying; Blood spews from every hole, in your, lifeless body; Masses fall from disease, plaguing, every human, s...

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40. The Appalling

Panicked shock, the blood, in everywhere, terrified; War goes on, the fear, it builds in you, far from home; Friends all dead, your last, your defeated, upheaval; Enemies, they come, and execute your ...

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41. The Beyond Within

The beyond with all our minds; Is ruling our, souls eternally; Unable to interpret the, ways we all think; Psychosis in humanity; Will not abate, while we still exist; Unable to interpret the reasons ...

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42. The Burner

Death has come to you; Nothing left to do; Fire – coming at you from all ways; Burned – still alive; Screaming silent cries; Crawling – out to see your fallen world; Flames – fill the sky; Everything ...

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43. The Indiscriminate

Torment Witness to a vast reflection; Planeswalking on legs of eons; Gazing into the depths of twilight; Unseater in celestial coups; Under a banner we all stand united; United in senescence; In right...

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44. Thrall:Fulcrum:Apex

Trials and Degenerations of an unjumped Demigod; Corrupted and Adultered seething with a burning urge to; Usurp The Highest Orders; Bend The Darkest Matter; Reshape In His Own Image; The Very Pattern ...

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45. Ubiquitous

One, in all, things, everywhere; One, presence, exists, omnipresent; Haunt, disturb, dwell, in us all; Look, onward, to, ubiquity; Epoch of all time; Instant judgement finds; Face to face with gods; E...

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46. Unattainable Zero

Presence to absence in a universe of sand; Tear down the firmament its pillars are without substance; Recursive abstracting shift the paradigm fall deeper and deeper; The sum of conjecture where numbe...

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47. Vomit You Out

See and observe, written in these words, sick and absurd; Don't waste your breath on me; Jealous and fake, spineless and wormlike, I wish you death; Rot should the flesh that's weak; Why are you makin...

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48. Wrath Of Vishnu

All Pervading - Destroyer of all existence; Past and future - Created and then erased; The universe - Sustained by the will of Vishnu; Incarnation - Mortals are dehumanized; Desolation - Immortals now...

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