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1. Come

Come, all who are thirsty come; Come, all who are weary come; Come, all who are weak and lost; Come, all who need Jesus come; Chorus; Come to my table; Come to my kingdom; Come believe it; Come receiv...

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2. Cotton Candy

I can be insecure; Just trying to secure; The love you give; Sometimes I’m not sure; But I’m sure; If you love I live; Pre Chorus; And when I show resistance; The ropes cut through my hands; Until I r...

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3. Hide

Run and you may fall; As the multitudes of people pass you by; First you’ve got to learn to crawl; Then you’ll be give wings to fly; Try to realize reality’s not always as it seems; Perfection comes i...

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4. I Need You

I need you like the summer needs the rain; I need you to be a shelter from my; Precarious life, impugnable thoughts; run through my mind; I’m still consternated by these lies; I need you more than my ...

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5. Is This My Creation

He turns away, he takes and he receives; The truth falls from the apple; I see but I cannot believe; Is this my creation; Here in this garden is everything you need; All you’ve ever asked for; But ple...

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6. Little Ones

Looking down upon the millions, electric show; It all looks so calm, it all looks so slow; Car specs creep by, giant building toys; I could trample the earth without a single noise; Pre Chorus; We’re ...

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7. Lonely Sunday Road

Turn the page; It’s time to buy your love again; Flood the streets with our desires; Another day; I hear it calling from a far; Blind to all that love requires; Chorus; I’m alone; Lonely Sunday road; ...

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8. Look Around

Look Around; Tell me, what do you see; You’re not so sure of yourself; Is this real or is it my imagination; You’re not so sure of yourself; Chorus; You’re not sure of yourself, Cause you’re; not sure...

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9. Paper Thin

In this place where contradiction seems to find; The things I’m seeking after; Illusions fill my kamikaze state of mind; And torment my reactions; I’m twisted up inside and it seems that I; cannot fin...

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10. Walk With Me

Running fast to the needle and the spoon; Feat up the rage, set fire to the wound; Fall from grace, fall from life; Reflections of pain; In hot metal eyes; Pre Chorus; Tell Me that you’re tired of bro...

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11. Where Would I Be

Am I afraid of you or me; That I can’t find my way to you; Why is it I’ve turned away, Do I fear what you might say; That you still love me; What if you turned away from me every time; I can’t believe...

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12. Who

Thinking of long ago when I was young; Trying to figure out all that I know; Like what makes the trees so tall; What makes the waterfall; What makes me who I am, the way that I am; What makes the ocea...

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