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1. Amidst The Pillars Of Void

My speechless lifetime; Is a portrait without affection; Is there a reason to endure? This fractured sense of joy; I did not even wanted; To Continue; Life is strength in death; It admit trough the; P...

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2. Lignum Mors

Disband my life once again; Close it into a illusion; These pale white walls; Makes me macabre; Sorrow is dispelled; In despair; Inside these walls; I will not proceed; Quietly I let go one's hold; I ...

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3. Within The Dismal Clouds

Her mere eyes were engaged with vital rapture; Now only remains of her memoirs; Until I have abandoned mourning; But distress never emanates; Die Totenstille Weile; Verletzen; Enge der Riemen; Snow ru...

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