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1. Abhorrence

Psalms they chant; To the beat of the war machine; Our overlords; Feed the flames to the war machine; Fetter of feces; Opression and Violence; Resist this Abhorrence; Their coffins are lined with our ...

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2. Chaotic Evil

This city calls - to greet the beast; Parasitics pose - to rage and feast; Of this descent - You'll bear witness; Nihilistic annihilate - Fuck forgiveness; No rest within these walls; Black Death - Se...

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3. Cryptesthesia

The undead convulse; From dead men's teeth; Shakes your children; In pits they sleep; Through dark arts; Necromancy; The conjuror calls; Cryptethesia; Disappear into the darkness; Backwards through th...

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4. Dead Eyes

As rain wets dried blood; Welcome new scars; As time ticks by; We all fall victim; So through dead eyes; We watch our lives; So through dead eyes; The future dies; Birthed from sugger; A weighted scal...

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5. Harvest Of Darkness

In this darkened age; Gravestones pave the way; Our bloods been drawn; Sacrifice the dawn; Harvest the Darkness; Harvest the Darkness; Tilling soil with our children's bones; Harvest the Darkness; Cho...

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6. Iconoclast

Fucking repent - for I am your death; Wearing the mark - of Baphomet; Iconoclast - destroy the regime; Iconoclast - War machine; Marching host - all fall in line; Fight to rise - from papal lies; Icon...

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7. Murder System

We lay on blood soaked trenches; Gas mask on your face; Your mission Kill or be Killed; So no truth can escape your lips; Your dead head, in dead hands; Murder System - We die again; Murder System - M...

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