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1. For Marchosias

Shall you Return? to the 7th Throne of the Kings; after twelve hundreds long; Fiery tormented years; The fall; So long; Way down; To the Archetype order; of Unoriginal Sins; Their blissful Pride never...

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2. Gateway To Silence

I can see now; Clearly the end; I know; Which card will be drawn next; [Repeat last verse]; I know my time has come; To take my place; Among the circle of shadows; ...of shadows! The memories of pain;...

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3. The Swordwraith (unbroken Vow Ii)

[Unbroken Vow II]; This is the Black Maze I have Entered; Where the numbness of Souls; Exists in Eternal Dark; Here I lay floating; Blind and Powerless in the Night; Truly, I' m Slain; And Dreaming of...

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4. The Visitors

Staring from the blue cold stiffness; The visitors are here; They draw near like the flashing; Of a pallid memory; That cannot be disposed of; The blood that has painted your hands; Guilt, the Erynies...

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5. To Allores

By the grim gray; The steel of Astron silver; The blissful mask; The untimely Entropy (of All); The fall of contradiction; Under the striding Hooves; Scars of the Unexpected; Beauty of ultimate Absolu...

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6. To Gremory

Enter Princess of Lust; The Lady Dressed in Red; A mantle in desire; Of carnal subconsciousness; These arrows; Are merciless; For pleasure and pain; Stunned by Your charms; Men abandon their efforts; ...

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