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1. Baptizing

Give me your hate; Miserable creature of powerful force. ; I was blessed by true wisdom of ages; I will give you the symbol of faith. I will drop to tour eyes fearwater, After you have to take my embr...

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2. Eternal Punishment

A long time ago. When the world was young. The fallen demon was lowered on the Earth; People called him - God. ; Die for me, I'm your Master; Pray for me, I'm your Lord; Burning circle of, Eternal pun...

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3. In My Soul

At the border of the worlds Guardian, Separating lie and truth. Trembling flame of the candle, Shadow; On the White Wall of Youth! Eternal light; Black flower is seared. In the broken mirror... Of the...

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4. Internal Suicide

Roots of my soul temptated; Eyes burned with rusty-glass needles. Jail walls are so hard; Fangs dissolved by fake belief. ; The try; To steal; The minds; Of ourselves. Frustration; Emanation; In wound...

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5. Mortalized

The space gaped; And the stronghold came into the world. Fixing all the being; With a look of the greatest scorn. ; Miserable something; Dared to appear to me. How can you desecrate; My acres and my r...

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6. Silence Of Frozen Thoughts

Mysterious night dress with her darkness; It pulled me in sufferfull and sad thoughts. I'll bring you the mastership of universal; You'll be order with all. ; But only one of you will come to the; Thr...

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7. The Last Prayer

I am at the end of my path; There is nothing behind my back. And here is; My last prayer. ; Rise from the fire of hateful hearts; Rise from the gore of razored eyes. Tore out from our throats; In clou...

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