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1. Death Becomes You

You're no longer in need; of a mirror; You're perfect now; A silvermade hole for worms; or an acidmade hole for maggots; Is all it takes... ...for us to get along; You look so much better now; Really,...

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2. Lucifuge Damnation

Spit! And rearrange the body of Christ; Nothing is true here; Senses removed; Clawing of the molded light; Død : fra vest. Vi hyller ødeleggelse; Sykdom : fra øst. Vi hyller bortgang; Sult : fra sør. ...

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3. World Dirtnap

Surrounded by filth; Milking the life from my every pore; Visions of smoldering limbs; Bodies ground to gory wonder; I smell their pain; And wield my torch again; Every ounce of hope; I drain from the...

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