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1. Believe Or Not

Today I was thinking about the people; Never practice what they preach; I could see so many stupid minds; So pathetic, misery; They seem like puppets, remote control toys; Just push the button in; The...

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2. Fears

I am a shadow in the crowd; I was thrown just like a stone; But I’m still standing by myself; You could never understand me…; I feel burning in my brain; My dirty blood is running hot through my veins...

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3. Injustice.com

Global world where money controls; Pariahs of life are out of this dream; They watch your color, cash, religion; But they say it doesn’t matter to peace; You don’t believe in man justice; Shout out fu...

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4. Involution

I’ve been searching for a million years ago; I’ve been seeking for the answers how to keep it raising my soul; Why did my dad, my mom, my school, my church get my reason short? Scaring me with foolish...

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5. Set Me Free

Sit down please and listen to me; I’m gonna tell a true story about you; You’re a fool in, you’re a fool out; It doesn’t matter who you think I am; My way lets you down; Your way makes me so disgusted...

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6. The Bloodiest Day

I've had no love to feel; I've had no life to live; I've had no money; I've had to choose; I've had blood on my hands; I've had to lose; My balls, my arms, my legs; My guts, my sanity; God knows that ...

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7. The Chosen One

Marching to death forever, The people are coming and going; Why are you waiting for prayers and preachers? Follow their steps and sink ´till death; Why should I believe in this empty theory? No more q...

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8. The Last Break

What’s going on the world? I see it’s coming down; Horror circus, clowns of death; They’re playing with all have found; Remember if you point your finger to; Three fingers point you throughout; You’re...

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