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1. Amp

Whe rips my mind out; she tears my tongue out; She pulls my brain out; And feeds it to me; She wants it so bad; The worst I ever had; But something's peculiar; And she says it to me; Oh, didn't anyone...

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2. Bicycle Song

Kelsea, won't you come out to play; I got my bicycle today; My father bought it for me; He said it cost him money; He's got a man in China; Who says he gets them cheaply; It's got a magic handle; It's...

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3. Carnival

The carnival came through today; She says I know what I'll be; And I'm in my head again; She says darkness never came for me; The freaks they walk by my room; One day they'll come and call; And they'l...

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4. Gazer

When darkness comes; It finds you in your bed; Fast asleep with pictures in your head; And you're the gazer, serene and far away; Wake up comes, and tones return to grey

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5. Motorama

I got the car; To see the world; Saint Chris and me; We got the fuel; Beat up pile V8 Ford; The don't make em like this no more; Takes my money; yeah my whole time; But when I'm driving baby I feel fi...

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6. Nocturnal Autodrive

Push down the gas; and I feel like the color of midnight; Night on the shield and whell and I'm in for the ride; And no one, no no one knows nothing; No one no no one knows shit; Feell the warmth and ...

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7. Paper Bag

Take my hands; Take my arms; Take my light; If you don't I'm going home; Tie my hands; Tie my tongue; The poison haze; It comes over me again; Yeah, the poison in my head; Would it make me brave; The ...

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8. Rockets

Medicine suckers all of the time; Cotton balls and iodine; Mommy said, "Don't you go in there"; The girl has got rockets in her hair; She will be my valentine; Medicine skin all will be mine; Mommy sa...

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9. Wake Up

I'm under covers; I'm under waters; Check out the fish and; Check out the blue and green; Breath in the colors; Breath in the waters; Breath in the liquids; Breath in the blue and green; I don't want ...

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10. Why You Won't

Don't know wy you won't; Dance with me; Don't know why you won't; Stand with me; Don't know you won't talk with me; Don't know why you won't play with me; Don't shake your head; Don't dig my scene; Do...

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11. Yeah

My mind, my heart, my pulse, my veins; My sweat, my neves; Might dull the pain; My mind, my God, my God is silence; Don't talk, don't move, don't say a thing; Don't push, don't pull, don't pull away; ...

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