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1. All Around The World

I know a girl (I know a girl); She likes to make paintings (She likes to paint); And a boy (And a boy); He likes to sing; And they spend their time; Strolling round their neighborhood; Just living lif...

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2. Gravel

Come, come; Defend my name; Take my hand and make me safe; Say, can I walk you home; Its getting late; And you cant be sure; But I know; Theres a lot more to explore; And I hope; Theres a long way to ...

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3. My Favorite Song

Hey man, youre singing my favorite song; Hey friend, youre bringing back better times; Hey there, you know just what to say; Hey kid, thats just what i needed today; Hey la da da, thats how you sing a...

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4. Perfect Timing (this Morning)

The street lights start to fade away; I see the quiet on you when youre sleeping; Probably dreaming day; We had the perfect timing; Because this morning is the perfect morning; Every morning; The afte...

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5. So Comfortable

Why do I sweat in the middle of winter? Why do I wake in the middle of night? Why do I tremble when I think about rainbows? Why am I wrong when I know that I’m right? Why do I cry at the big happy end...

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6. Sunshine

When the sunshine comes; I can feel it all over; Sunrise; Start my day over; Run outside; Look at my shadow; To the lake; Where the water is shallow; Get my feet wet; Want to spend my day in sun; And ...

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7. The Only Thing

I know something; About this story; And how it goes; I know something; About the moonlight; And why it glows; I know something; About Mother Nature; And Father Time; But the only thing; I need to know...

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