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1. A Lonely Prayer

Sitting on the porch I am wondering what is there for me; What this life gives to me. Singing of the birds I wish I could be so free-minded; Like those in the sky; Is it wastage for me to be a lonely ...

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2. Ages Before

Flying in the sky with holy ghost; Just a dream a fantasy? Moment burned to dust. The future or the past? My life passed before my eyes; What is this, another dream? No doubt no deceit no shape of evi...

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3. Apua!

"Hiljaa raivo alkoi kasvaa sisälläni. Tahdoin päästää sen ulos, mutta miten? Oma saamattomuuteni pisti itsehillinnän koville, Miksi en jaksa tehdä mitään? Tahtoisin päästä täältä pois, mutta en voi. V...

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4. Believer's Destiny

Death greets me warm but my soul is not to be damned. This never ending agony deep inside my soul; The sun is setting down - the pale being of the moon brings; memories I don’t want to bear. ; Oo-oo…;...

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5. Chain Of Pain

Can you feel my pain now. Thousands words can't describe it. Wish I've never met you at all; Gave you all that I had; My love up to the sky; Oh why please tell my why; I need to find the key to this c...

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6. Glory And Power

When the wave pounds the shore; Good morning to my Lord; Take the cross and say the prayer; Come holy ghost come fill me; Every day Your mighty grace is new; Exalting is my need; Have I lost my sanity...

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7. Huuto

Miksi viha on voimakas sisälläni? Lapseni, ethän karkaa pois! Kuinka voisit tehdä sen, kun; olet saanut kerran maistaa; rakkauttani? Katso, minä olen; voittanut Saatanan, jotta sinä; voit syntisi tunn...

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8. Intro

Walking alone all the walls of lies ahead of me; And I couldn't see the truth. Allways falling but there was somebody who picked me up. Helping hand that wiped all tears from my eyes. He was the one t...

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9. Kaivo

Turha enää selittää, parasta vain painaa pää. Edessä Kaikkivaltiaan. ; Kaivoin yhä syvempään; Sieluni kaivoa. Johon tuska vuosien kerääntyi. ; Bridge:; Kaivo täyttyy vedellä, jota juoda ei voi. ; Kert...

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10. No Return From Hell

My heart feels like a black graveyard; All the keys are lost. Cloud of sin blackens my mind; I treasure my memories. Where lays my future? I'm wasting my thoughts. Wish to better myself but it ends wi...

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11. Ristin Voima

Kuka välittää, kuka opettaa? Minne meen tänään; ja minne menen huomenna? Mennyt painaa mieltä, pahat sanat ja teot. Taakkani vain kasvaa, eikö kukaan tule ja auta? Kerto:; Ristin merkki voiton on. Ris...

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12. Shine The Light

Prophesies coming true; No longer light from the moon; Stars are falling from the sky; You can see t with your own eyes; The day of the Lord is near; The Devil roars in anger; Fight back with the powe...

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13. Taivaallinen Jerusalem

It was built before no souls were created; In advance God wanted you to be there; 2000 years ago the earth shook; “Look; the kingdom of God is among you.”; Peace and joy dominate there; The enemies of...

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14. Touch Of Your Love

Far away from home memories from the distant call; Just all these broken dreams that are left of me.. ; After all; this time I can still remember.. ; Touch of Your love; changes my heart and soul; wit...

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15. Vankilassa

En tiedä miten tän kertoisin, sanat ovat kadonneet. Jäljelle jäi vain kyyneleet. Kalterit ja tyhjä katse, kuka heitä auttaa vois . kuka lohdutuksen heille tois? Vankilassa sisimpämme, vankilassa ihmis...

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16. Wounded Moon

In the night time I flew; Through the sky and wounded moon; Imagination power of mind; makes you scream until you cry; like a silent whisper in the air; I can still hear voices in my head; They tell m...

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