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1. Balloons

I know there's no way; I can replace what I have lost; Nothing I do's gonna bring you back so; I try and get used to it; I know there's nothing can fill the space; Where your face was; Everything's go...

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2. Click Your Heels

How long before you know; That she can't stand it? Staying here is only doing you more damage; Your tears are telling you; It's more than you can manage; Like a white flag waving; Saying too much dama...

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3. Let The Love Back In

Sometimes it just don't make no sense at all; I'm still trying to find a reason for it all; My life i thought it would be something beautiful; And now it feels like there is nothing there at all; anym...

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4. Life Is Still Beautiful

Like water through your fingers; All the best things in your life; Are you waiting for a little break in the clouds; Praying for sunlight? Saying, "Oh, how long, will it take till it doesn't hurt? "; ...

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5. Little Me, Little You

When nobody is coming around; And everything is getting you down; I'm telling you it ain't gonna last forever; And when you say enough is enough; You feel like you could give it all up; I hope you kno...

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6. My Guardian Angel

I'll be with you; I'll be with you through thick and thin; I'll be with you, my love. Oh; I'll be with you; When your sick and tired of it; I'll be with you, and I won't go; You know; You know; You kn...

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7. Sleepwalking

I know what I'm living for; I know why I'm here; Yeah I know what I really want to do; I ain't been this happy for years; I know what I'm looking for; I know what I need; Yeah I know what I really got...

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8. The Explanation

I'm sure that there's a reason; Why the stars made us collide; Cause it feels like the destination; That I spent all this time trying to find; Ooh; OOh you're all I need to know; And I can tell that y...

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