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1. Findin Suzy

There's gin tonics show tonight; They sold their soul to rock'n'roll; I want to hear robot heart; And find suzy in this show; I just wanna drink some gin with her; Now that she left her loser boyfrien...

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2. Hey Girl

You keeps... You keeps me happy! With your sweet way to talk; You and me, under the moonlight; I know you are the one! Hey girl! Get out with me tonight; Hey girl! Let me hold your hand; Hey girl! You...

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3. Invisible Boy

Walking on the streets; Nobody says your name; Nobody see you; Don't it make you feel sick; You are in your bedroom; They din't call you to the party; You are the one left behind; Don't it make you fe...

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4. Julie

Beautiful and charming so is julie; But her just wants someone to pay a beer; I know what I'm saying man; And try to say no; She just want to drink; And then go! You don't need a girl like judy; Cause...

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5. You Think, I Drink

You only lose time my friend; I don't want to hear it now; You have good ideas; But you just talk and does nothing; Why so much theory? Now is no time for this; Don't try to change my mind; I don't ca...

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