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1. Centaurus War

Wars no end clouds in the sky; We can see afraid deep inside; Place so far dragons in the night; There’s no way it’s better your cry; Start to shiver you are so blind; You fell the blood in to your ey...

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2. Lord Of The Seas

Only memories; Left your fear behind; Felling deep inside; Something you can’t deny; Look above the sea; Try to see away; Looking for your fate; Never give up your fight; Now I know things will be giv...

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3. Mercurius

Crossing the distant lands; Nobody can see over there; Feeling the touch of the hands; Hearing sounds into your head; To win the god’s battles; Like a thunder in a storm; A thousand warriors between u...

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4. Oráculo

Distant skies and distant new lands; There’s a place that you wish all the things; Alone in dark you are stay all the time; You are strong and you must to try; The way is danger there are many traps; ...

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5. Pandora

Run,ride it’s not fiar; How to escape of what’s in everywhere; World was free of all evil; It was forever jailed; I’ve seen the evil with my eyes; So tell me where and how to hide; Water became gushin...

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