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1. A Slow Embrace

Regress; Move through shifting sands; Progress; Won't ever seem to wash away; It was always one more; To take this from my weary hands; The aftermath is only one step away; The closer I get to accepti...

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2. An Echo Undone

You can stress the nurture of the child; But it's he who holds the fault from actions of the liar; The one who's past was not diluted; And though the contradictions slide; It is he who wears the weigh...

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3. Crack in the Soul

This is a year of falling down; (You lied); Ridiculous and stubborn; Taking the blame for what I once hated; A crack in the sky reveals its intention; And screams at the ground; Taking the care for wh...

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4. Tuatara

Sleep the world away; Waiting for a sign; You still won't understand; It's not like that; Your overwhelming fear is holding you down; Until you hold your breath and open your eyes; Take a breath; Hold...

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