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1. Awakening To The Filth

Negative side of human life; Prostitution, child abandonment; Violent protest; Economic unbalances; Drug addicts, pressure on the job; Corruption brings injustice; People wishing to see beggars on the...

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2. Blood Conflict

We feel the rage; From those that betrayed; Falsehood embodied; An outside appearance of friendliness; Inside is the hypocrisy; Hidden within; Family blood has lied; Only seeking their advantage; Fals...

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3. Dark Entaglement

Reached; Against me and not to my face; They're laughing now; For the wrong of my mistake? Rumors palling; Something they haven't got; Blinded by a lying case; Piercing hate; From the dishonesty they'...

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4. Digitrap

It's on now; Internet faze; Giving it power; Hidden behind the words; Logging; Warning; Metal infiltration; Creating a world influenced by mankind; Offers and announcements as time passes by; Power in...

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5. Discerning Forces

Devouring the soul; Like a roaring lion; The dragon of hate pukes profanity; Capturing those that are not; Knowledgeable about the Holy scriptures; After discerning the spirit; The result is dark inde...

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6. Drowning

Dreaming to acquire those things; Ripped off where one knows it cannot afford; A miserable torture that has brought; What he wished for is not this; Mere purchases in vein; Rotting before the final pa...

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7. Escapism

The sixt seal is when the sons of perdition appears; Satan will appear first; Before the second coming of Christ; Matthew 24, Mark 13; Documents that there is no rapture; In the year 1830; Invented by...

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8. Merciless Torture

Prisoners of war; Hopeless victims; Brutality is not a thing of the past; Living like entrapped animals; Feel the sorrow in their hearts; There�s nothing that they can do; Too weak to fight; They wi...

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9. Moments Of Despair

Feel the pain; When brought down; Obstacles coming your way; Feeling that all is lost; No hope in sight, no path to take; All in vain? Thinking the solution you had; Can never be found; Thinking that ...

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