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1. And The Angels Fell (the Suffering)

Raped of virtue,led to betrayal; Darkness summoned,vows to renew; Age of blackened hearts; When darkness once resigned; Memories of dreams past; Torn by the nether world; Tears drowning your face; As ...

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2. As Blood Flows

Shredding the flesh,bleeing to death; Skinned alive,blood flows,they die; Self indulged by hatred; Resurrection unseen; Can you feel the cold blade penetrate inside you; Blood becomes a river of everl...

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3. Devour The Soul

Internal death sentence is made; Eaten from within; Medical science has failed; Try to carve it out; Innocent children will die; Never lived their lives; Fears of the past arise; Still there is no cur...

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4. Dying Inside

Darkness,internal; Lost souls,helpless cries; Insanity,a dream; The path to death is free; Endless torment of battered feelings; Morbid thoughts elude the brain; Voices persist in rage; Alone inside a...

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5. Eclipse Into Eternity

Sickened by perversion...the pain of lies; A faint voice beckons me to reprise; Paralysed by pity...hatred; I can see the tears flow as blood cries; Searching for the answer...to depart; I've cried fo...

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6. Genocide

Mass extermination...genocide; Racial elimination...they decide; Corpses were to cremate; Living were to suffocate; The terror from within; when expectancy is death; The fear of knowing when life ends...

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7. Rotted Paradise

Suffer; Torn by betrayal; Beaten and used; Ingest your morals; As the innocent are fucked against their will; The truth it haunts me; Sublimination; Seeing is believing; But its your blindness that st...

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8. Seasons

[chorus]; Eve of mourn; Sickness forms...seasons; Beauty gone; Sadness spawns...seasons; Sorrow, in and out of the point of pain; Reborn,by the way of thoughts gained; Helpless,searching for the answe...

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