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1. Before The Sunrise

Before the sunrise before the sunrise, you'll come like a stranger; You stayed a long time in our midst and we will never forget, how your presence strengthened our minds. But then some people thought...

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2. Decision

This song is for all between north and south, East and west, who are not quite sure which way to go; And tonight there is just one thing i want to know:; What is your point of view? Do you belief in t...

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3. Dishonest

I've tried to get to know you so I began to watch your life. It all seemed so natural to me it made me look at who I was. As I looked straight in your eyes I saw a part of your heart; and without real...

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4. Failure Permitted

I can't believe that I've failed again, I've damaged our friendship so many times, but I will try to change if you still have; some faith in me. ; Anyone who hurts an eye, brings tears out; Anyone who...

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5. In His Promise

Countless are the days, since I last heard your voice, but I still have this sound of your voice in my ear. And I ask myself when will I see you again. The only thing I have left are your letters, wri...

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6. Let's Build This Bridge

Lets build this bridge and enter new grounds; Its not that far away; We can make it now; Havent we ever dreamed of places without sorrows, places filled with helping hands; Havent we ever wished that ...

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7. My Imagination

Imagine. If there were no no expectations. If there was no no confidence. If there were no no convictions. If there was no no disappointment. ; Why can´t you see what I see, this is reality. ; Imagine...

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8. My So-called Friend

Deep inside something is growing and it feels a lot like hate. ; Thought about you who I once called a friend; and the time we had till it came to this end. And even now as one last smile comes over m...

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9. No Fool

I've lost track of all the Sundays. The offering plate's gone by and as I gave my hard earned dollars I felt free to keep my life. ; I talk about commitment. And the need to count the cost, but the wo...

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10. Our Inheritance

We are broken kids; Living in a lost generation; We broke traditions and lost our ideals; Who's there to tell us what is right; Individuality seems to be the only way; Is that all we have? – all that ...

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11. Silence

Watch out my friend; you're gonna blow your mind; Sometimes I feel like there is no strength inside of me, confusion and concern are blinding all my senses. When everyday life is bothering me with som...

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12. Temptation

Caught in this temptation no way back no way ahead. Seems so terrible hopeless cause it has happened for so many times. What is the right answer, which one the right way to go, Won't somebody please h...

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13. Three Nails

Three nails gave me life. May I ask this simple question, where do you belong? Where is your destiny? Where is your identity? I´m not here to demonstrate my style. I don´t want to persuade. I´m not he...

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14. We Will Not Be Stopped

Take 5 minutes and think about what you just said, write it down, read through it, play it over in your head. Did you even bother to think before you spoke; ignorant words from uneducated minds – you ...

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