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1. Breakfast In Nyc

Summers in your heart; But I know that you’re staying; Taking a ride but it feels like we’re paying; For the madness that occurred with a ticket to good times; Hunter promised this but he wasn’t ready...

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2. My Son, The Astronaut

Only when your heart is... only when your heart is; Bullet proof… bullet proof. You know you'll be; Handling the punches… handling the punches; Quietly… quietly. I know you were; Influenced by movies…...

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3. Saturday Looks Bad To Me

When the city's asleep you wanna go up to; A subway to make your way downtown; Friends that you know, they are searching for; This band who writes songs about girlfriends; Pop, pop music, you know you...

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4. The Devil's Dancer

The future's here; Said the pioneer; There's room at the top; Do-wop do-wop; Whatever comes tomorrow; Happened yesterday; Come with us; The future's here to stay; Dance with us; Dance with us; We're t...

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5. This Is Not A Test

25 floors up, 25 floors down, until we hit the ground. Take the stairs, take the elevator where; it's time to make the cut. An adventurous boy, you're an adventurous girl; let get our minds made up. ;...

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