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1. Divine Hypocrisy

We live in a world based on lies and deception; Those who are blinded are lead by the blind; We conjured a false messiah; Made to prejudge us and witness our crimes; He paved us the path that guides u...

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2. Isolation

Sealed up inside my cage where I'm immune to all that's threatening; The entire world is out to get me; Is this for real? Is this a dream I've had? Or am I losing it; God's playing tricks on me or may...

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3. Obsolete

It's hard to deal when you're obsolete; It's hard to settle and accept defeat; The endless struggle of inadequacy; Replace all of my existence with a better memory; Erase the past and forget about me;...

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4. Rape And Pillage

I can sing, I can dance. I've got 10 inches of confidence; I'm everything you ever wanted and then some; My wallet's thick, I have a car, my body's fit, I play guitar; I'm everything you ever wanted a...

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