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1. Can't Feel

I'll eat your tears untill you; Run away from me; Let go of the fear within you; Insecurity; Beating myself as fast as i can; Bleed to purity; Changin' myself to see who i am; Thats all you have to gi...

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2. Clean

Why are you laughing? Behold; These ears cant hear a thing; Why are we crying? It's been too dry; A tear's a waste of drink; I think I'll lie here; And let; Whats left begin to sink; Take whats left o...

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3. Dead Underground

Answer All My Questions; I Had Another Dream; Colors And Directions; Are Never What They Seem; Why Do We All Wanna Live Underground? (Underground); We Just Keep Believing We Never Be Found; ; Wake Up ...

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4. Dig It Up

Faulty towers that we grow; Will always wilt away; Least that's what the flashes; In my mind would seem to say; Hands above our heads; Just like we dread, but we don't ask why; That's the nature of a ...

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5. Drown

I've got a drownin' sickness; I gotta breathe and fix this; I gotta get me outta here; With every time I feel this; I fight to not reveal this; I hide the hand that shakes in fear; Heavy in this ocean...

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6. Goodbye

We walked on golden fields; and watched them wither at our heels; it's time we let their mothers cry; strange how that well ran dry; like lillies hang their heads to die; we'll kiss this all goodbye; ...

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7. Heaven

Thank you so much for your confidence in me; but you have been so wrong; I have tried so hard to find your god in me for; so long, so long, so long; I'm right here with you; I'm at your service; You t...

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8. Introduction

The slightest breeze will spread disease; You breathe it in, it takes you to your knees; Can't keep your feet on the ground anymore; Don't know what's up or down anymore; Don't lie to me - you're suff...

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9. Now

Now; Still I smell like im inside you; Now; It hurts to breath the air outside you; You share yourself; You change you fate; You seldom bleed a later date; Should never pull it out to late; That's whe...

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10. Running From Yourself

You wanna save us all; You wanna take us and; Lift us through it all; The only problem is; I chose to fall; You want to set us free; (Don't want your charity-; You don't know what's right for me); You...

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11. Shadows

There's something somewhere scratching silently inside of me; It's always with me somewhere growing- feeding steadily; Without a line from who we are to what we claim to be, Every time we lose ourselv...

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12. Step Up

(musica jogos mortais 2); You got a problem with my cookie cutter life? I'll put you back in your place; And if you're lookin at my cookie cutter wife; I'll kick the smile off your face; My only daugh...

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13. The Carried

Swallowing, self imposed; compensated pieces of what I know; Breathing, letting go; one day at a time is still to slow; I have not lived like this; gonna shape another one, will I miss? I have not fel...

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14. Transparency

This instant regression; This instant stuperfaction; Why dont you learn your lesson; You burning intuition; Is only a fraction; Of what it could be now; Of what it should be; Without this blasphemy; W...

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15. Up To Me

Passing out; Giving in; This final pill- it bleeds me; Reaching out; Breathing in; This righteous path- it drains me; In my hand; Drips of sweet; Contraband; Let me sleep; Falling out of my control; ‘...

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