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1. A Waltz Perverse

Sleep came; Like an ornery guest; Came late, left early; And brought bad company; Within the welless keep of somnus; Ghostlike memories arise from the moat; The vast ballroom is a courtyard; Figures s...

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2. Among The Falling Stones

Crawl - among the locusts and worms; And sing their masochistic hymns; Fall - of the morals within; A poetry of mockery; Grave - sonnets of sarcastic eloquence; Too light to sink; Grim and empty extas...

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3. Caressing The Dead

I touch her white skin; Whiter than milk; Softer than the silk; In which she's lying in; Her scent is strong but sweet; Her fingertips so cold; I touch her sleeping head; I'm caressing the dead; The d...

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4. Convert To Nihilism

There is no love; It's just an illusion; There is no hope; It's just a fake; There is no light; It's just a blink; There is no life; We find just death; There is no gain; It's just for loss; There is ...

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5. Disquisition Of The Burning

We are no one; We are legion; Chanting sermon from the vilest depths; Thousands voices spitting razors; May reverence be torn to shreds; Vessels of a darker truth; Flailed by stygian whips; Until she ...

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6. Empty, Silent And Cold

Empty; Silent; Cold; Deathwish; I don't want to live for others; I don't want to be forgotten; I don't want to feel so empty; I don't want to feel so silent and cold; I; Feel; Cold; Life; Is; Black; I...

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7. Foulmere

Foulmere; Never seen such a darkness before; Listen to the croaks and mourns; Ravens sing from a leafless tree; White fog across the murky sea; Lifeless mere... ; Foulmere; Evil shades slide through t...

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8. Funeral

Lower her down; Into the cold embrace of the earth; Chilling wind; Tender and cold like herself; Weeping grass; The spade in my hand; My Cold tears; Could not melt the ice; The frozen shape; Around he...

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9. Kennel Of Estrangement

You never see what I am seeing; You never felt like I am feeling; You'll never bleed like I am bleeding; Because of that distance; Torn apart; Behind glass; Torn apart; No matter where you touch me; N...

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10. Pazuzu

Pazuzu - Lord of all fevers and plague; Bursting through - our intestines and souls; Our doom - by plague and hatred you're spawned; From Anu - almighty demon lord; Gaping jaws - behind your festering...

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11. Sledgehammer Assfuck

I hate this world; I hate everything; I don't wanna be here at all; I wish I was dead; Or no... I wish everyone else was dead! My skin is made of paper, burn it; My heart is made of glass, smash it in...

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12. The Mirror Never Lies

The Swan has spoken; I can still taste the blood; The grip is broken; Supposed to rot; Like a bolt from the sky; Splitting the ground; I had to die; The buried ones I count; Your eyes are wide; Cruel ...

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