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1. A Change Of Direction

Deep in his thoughts; He recognizes the truth; A soul once such precious; Remaining just deceiving feelings; This can't go on; What's there left to expect; So he set course to leave his world; He leav...

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2. Agony

Don't even try to understand me; Cause I don't try to understand you; Your mind's still to primitive; To enjoy me, to enjoy life; I caught you here, you scream at me; Only one life is for sure; Try to...

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3. Failed

What have we failed? What have we missed? Our lives passing by like a river; That flows into the unknown black sea; You're not able to decide; Only try to be prepared for changes; You're not allowed t...

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4. Freedom Denied

They're all building walls around you; Behind the mask that's for your wealth; They're trying to imprison you; Cause if they have you they can control you; Set you free; You have to leave; Don't give ...

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5. New Shores

Dark clouds rising, and banished will be the light; The air is thick and warm, every breath filled with fear; The threat is here; Feels built of fear; Pulse is racing; Heart is pounding; The light tur...

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6. Not Yet Found

I'm wandering through life; Searching for answers I even don't know the questions; Something deep is still missing; I feel there's a hole deep down; And I know that I cannot hide; Already seen what's ...

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7. Weak

Can't leave the skin I'm hiding in; Can't hide the skin so weak and thin; The weakness is always glistering; Through every masquerade; Feeling great in the minutes of encirclement; Feeling down in the...

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8. Who Am I

My guide has left me; He gave me no advice; As I stood there in my ignorance; Planted seeds of depression; Conquered those emotions; I could feel the spreading fields of indifference; From white to bl...

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9. Wrong Time, Wrong Place

There are nights where I couldn't bear the silence; There are days I yearn for the darkness; Turn back to my dreams, turn back to my home; And think about a moment which is different to the one I have...

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