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1. A Call To Arms

Like a raging wind; We scorched the earth; With a fist of steel; We swept armies aside; With hammers of fire; Set the world ablaze; In mighty bursts of flame; Bombs fell from the sky; By the Declarati...

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2. Arctic Wolves

Followed by a predatory beast; Wolf tracks in the snow; I know that the wolves are near; Wolf fangs stained with blood; Saliva drips a crimson tear; Carnivores of the North; Soon it will be time to fe...

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3. Blood On Ice

Six feet deep buried beneath my feet; Under drifts of snow; Where the north wind blows; Snow piled high under a northern sky; Rested those who fell and died well; Winter burial like a memorial; In a f...

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4. Death And Honour

Europe was burning; Germany was at the height of its power; A raiding force challenge the raging seas; To execute Operation Jubilee; Trained to assault in the light of day; For one chance to face the ...

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5. Forever Frost

Beyond this frozen tundra; Far from the lush borealis; This land of ice and snow; Rolling drifts lap a frozen sea; From the cliffs of Rocky Mountains; Her peaks pierce the blizzards sky; To the barren...

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6. Frontal Assault

Concealed in the forest, in the year 1944; Panzer divisions are deployed ready to attack; Mechanized formations committed to a great offensive; Answer the fatherland's call; Engage in a frontal assaul...

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7. Frostbitten Northern War

Occupate, assimilate to eliminate; Four our will to survive is strong; Crusader, invader, enslaver; You can't take away our freedom; Foreign Christian ideology; No match for technology; Out flank, out...

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8. Imperial

At the dawn of a new era; At the end of the third great war; Rising from the ashes of humanity; The empire of storms; The empire shall rise; To feed the ambitions of the people; As the emperor stands ...

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9. In The Trenches

Over the top; You who call yourselves men; Filthy dogs of war; In your blood stained uniform; (With a mple leaf on your uniform); Arise from your trenches; Scatter across no man's land; Mustard gas fi...

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10. Iron Coffins

Battle of the Atlantic rages; In a war that seems to last for ages; Kriegs Marines, Killing merchant marines; Submerged in their war machines; Wolf Packs and torpedo attacks; U-boats are the Iron Coff...

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11. Northern Aggression

Barricade the gates; For the true northmen come; Buckle under the weight; By the coming of the storm; When you realize; You're the cause of these troubled times; You'll get your just deserves; For you...

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12. The Cold Front

Fortified defensive position; On the cold front, holding the line; Tranquility interrupted; By an artillery barrage; Winter blitz bombs fall from the sky; They rocked, trembled, tremored and turned; T...

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