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1. Choices

(alone we will face); The future, our end; (alone we will face); Our sins and ourselves; (alone we will face); Our dreams, the future, the past; (alone we will face); Our hate and the years; (alone we...

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2. Miles Away

I'm just trying to throw my arms around; This guy; I'm just trying to make some sense of; This; Keep trying; Can't; But at least this infection, forgotten; And I don't know if I'm going to make it; To...

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3. Re-Inventing the Future

I dreamed about it; all the pieces; came together in a tight fit; I saw the future; in a moment, like a neon sign; Wouldn't take a long time; if I could just keep my hands from shaking; if I could kee...

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4. Taking on the world

Thought that I was dead; I was dead and gone; But... I'm on fire; By now they've found that it won't work; They're missing what they need; And I've got the key; Whatever they say; Choices they make; I...

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5. The Fight

So why did I look into the past? Oh why would I inflict myself with that? Can't take away- what I've already seen; Keep scratching my eyes; but they know where I've been; Don't want to feel anything, ...

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