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1. Dark Horizon

Deep in cold and lonely ocean; The weary spuls fell to rest; Grand illusions of devotion -; The Sailor's never-ending quest; Secrets unspoken, Stories untold... ; All fearful stories; Brought you the ...

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2. Dreamworld

Mystery of day is never known; Its unpredicted, hidden tone; Is in the world that you possess inside; Let the dreamworld come into the light; Forget the darkness of the night; And watch the mystery un...

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3. Gladiator

Minutes to freedom or minutes to death, Freezing the beat of your heart; Facing the choices that you can not make, Waiting for ending to start; Hide your pain; Play the game; Only the strong; Will sur...

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4. Ice Queen

The fairy-tales from long ago; Speak of this dreamlike paradise; The winter's cold and storms of snow -; Three lives the magic Queen of ice. ; She has no mercy, feels no pain, Cold beauty of the past;...

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5. Last Quest

In search of truth and freedom; Went into the fight; Defenders of the kingdom; Through the darkest night; All loyal knights who after; Enemies were sent; Prepared to fight for their king; Until the en...

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6. Mask In The Mirror

Breathing in the magic; Hide yourself and put on mask of disguise; Whispers in the darkness; And the moon that brightly shines from the skies; In you I see; Is this really me? Reflect, reveal; Which o...

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7. Secrets of the Past

Deep dark secrets of the past; Stories that have not been told; Come to life and light at last; Ancient mysteries unfold; Hear the whispers of the wind beyond horizon; Tell the stories of the pharaoh'...

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8. The Calling

As the shadows melted day away; Darkness faded starry sky; Hideous creature of nature; One that was born out of hate; Night was his misery's cover; Doom was his definite fate; Can you hear? Calling; H...

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