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1. Living A Nightmare

Corruption, betrayal; And living in the dark dimensions; Illusions, dimensions; Strange feelings spinning in my mind; No mercy, no compassion; It all destroys all dreams in my life; Hypocrisy, pretens...

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2. Ludwig Is Alive

Che il suo nome risuoni per sempre come lampi nel cielo; che la sua musica ci accompagni per l'eternità; e così gloria sarà per il divino compositore; Ludwig is alive; Welcome to opera; Ludwig is aliv...

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3. Prophecies

Live the dream again; The dream that would change every land; Take the future in your hands; Now you understand; The strange words, from that lonely man. Your stories your despair; Du plus profond de ...

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4. Son Of Hate

Save a prayer, my friend; Because everything has just begun; Like a mad man; Your sensations turn into screams; Voices in your head; Tied in your bed; Say goodbye to your lucidity; Feel the pain insid...

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5. Wild Seed

If winged illusions invade your mind, Bring them to reality; Because when you are living a dream; Dying is to wake up and open your eyes; Fight, into the time... Believe in your sword; Fight, fight fo...

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