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1. Cosmic Dust

What are we among the stars, galaxies and sun? Just another grain of sand, Cosmic Dust! This is a tale bigger than us; The mistery stays beyond our minds; Beauty remains in the dark; And here we are s...

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2. Nessun Dorma

Nessun dorma! Nessun dorma! Tu pure, o principessa; Nella tua fredda stanza; Guardi le stelle; Che fremono d'amore; E di speranza; Ma il mio mistero e chiuso in me; Il nome mio nessun sapra! No, no, s...

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3. Personal Apocalypse

Regreting; Disgraced; Exiled; Betrayed; Avoided; Forsaken; Misunderstood; Replaced; Impure; Forgotten; Thirteenth Disciple; Inhuman; Disguised; Monster that wears human skin; We got the worst inside u...

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4. Phantasmagoric Symphony

Silence, is whispering now; The darkest tales, of the night; Stars can't shine their light, in the sky; Because to night even heaven is blind; Inside of me there is something that screaming; All the t...

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5. Pieces

Feelings distorted; And I can't even cry; Redeem my heart; The deepest of my core; My dreams are poisoned; And now I realize; All the truth that was a lie; There's nothing but pain inside; Afraid of e...

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6. Warriors Of Make Believe

Tragedy! Poetry! Symphony! Catharsis; Lyrical! Physical! Musical! Catharsis; Play must begin; See curtains fall; All lights are on; For drama's start; Assume your role; Choose the mask; For every feel...

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