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1. Blood Countess Bathory

Beware! you don't know what I've seen, what she hides in her chamber below; Beware of the devil enchantress; Every thought will bring you despair. her thaumaturgy is stronger than you'll ever know; Sh...

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2. Forbidden

Last night your spirit entered my mind; For once things could not fail; Can it be the mirrors turned self-displayed? So many words that we left unspoken; Yet I dare not to fall asleep again; It is the...

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3. Stone By Stone

Come inside the darkest recess of my mind; Feel the wrath, torment and pain; A well-known source of my misery emerges once more; If I could turn back time, I would sell my soul; If I could see her fac...

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4. The 13th Guest

Here I lie. feeling my life drift on by; I long for blood again; Only darkness surrounding me; Left to die, betrayed by my own destiny; I have come to set you free; By ths next full moon she will retu...

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5. The Gates

Value the words in my dark tale; I speak 'bout the countess of hell; With weight of guilt I bear my cross; Save me, my lord, if you can; My strength is weak and my conscience dim; Hear this plea from ...

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