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1. Eviction

Who do you think i am? Why did you come again? What does it take to make you drop me? Who do you think i am? I wish i wasn't me; I wish you could agree; I wish i wouldn't always hurt you; I wish i was...

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2. Exhibits From A New Museum

( RE Broughton ); Oh my love, what are you going to do? I can't believe that the hour is due that my whole; life here with you is through. Now they wanna put us in a fifteen-storey view; and I can't s...

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3. Green Lights

( SA Broughton ); We could sell you from every available window but; I wonder if that's what you to be. We could take it from every conceivable angle; if you'll only dangle for me. The people wanna se...

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4. Hi Jack Boogie

( RE Broughton ); I met her in a garden where the warrior grows. We shivered in the darkness I knew you were; at home. I told you I was lonely begged you not cry. Blown smoke in my head Green lights i...

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5. Hurricane Man

( RE Broughton ); The broken hearted pilot lost in wheeling wings. Gone forever brothers.Smashed to smithereens. The little cap, green and black the doctor said; was soft. You wonder how many you migh...

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6. Roccococooler

( VB Unitt ); You say you're gonna kick out school for good. I'd really like to see you try. You seem to have forgotten how the master; threw shit in your eye. Oh, you crazy boy!They're gonna laugh at...

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7. Rocknroller

( RE Broughton ); Sitting,laughing at the mindless humanoids; croaking in their swarm. While recalling Omar Khayyam. How we changed there in the holy sun high on; holding hands. The pilot crashed with...

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8. Slow Down

( RE Broughton ); Your poor wife is sad today. She thinks you'll die by a razor blade. Your boy Flash is free at last on the top of; class rock'n'roller. Ah ah ah ah ah says he wants to live in; rock'...

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9. Things On My Mind

( VB Unitt ); Oh! What a super morning. Oh!What a knockout day. A-won't you look at that sunrise. Can you hear what they are saying. Slow down! The more I see, yeah, the more I'll come to need. Rule o...

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