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1. Absolution Mine

Scared, oh where of body disappeared; kidnapped of my mate; without a trace; (no case); Tried to find, until I lost my mind; What crypt found on this earth; would hold your place? (I am); Lost of caus...

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2. Acts Of Aphrodaesia

Act I, she enters the spotlight; Daylight curator; 96k, drives a Mercedes Benz; Lives by her dayplanner; Beware in the moonlight; She'll crack the skin; To enjoy your blood; She'll stare with her sloe...

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3. Beyond The Strong

I walk alone; Forever I'm one; And I've always tried to believe; Stare at the sun; The Neverending one; Forever will she stare at me; Cold inside; Are the chilled bones of my pride; The keep me alive ...

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4. Clockwork Toy

[Music and lyrics by Loudness];

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5. Dawn Of Our Only Day

Three suns shine; They shine forever; Neverending suns; They day-lit triad; Nightfall! The tree that shine will end it all; They fall; Moonshine! The myth that makes us paralyze! Hold tight; Brother d...

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6. Eye Of The Nightmare

End of days, my greatest fear; My body tires and sleep is near; Close my eyes and I will pray for dreams of rapture; But still it comes, the storm of spiraling clouds of nightmares chasing; me. Fed fr...

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7. Feast For The Reaper

Take the sun from a thousand lives; They are now cordially invited; To the end of flesh and fun; This party's only getting started; Where the Hell is Heaven now? Only He, the Reaper responds; Come ins...

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8. In Due Time

One more year just past today; A year ago I felt the same; Trapped in a lost situation; And solutions are too complicated; One more year will pass again; The hourglass just starts to end; The time I n...

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9. Mind Bomb

The night is old and; The dreams are now drifting; The sun rises again; I try to rouse in the thick; Of the drowse to make my; Day's commission; (tell me); Why every time when I cover; My eyes, the lo...

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10. My Darkest Room

Here within my walls so safe and warm my darkness; Light is not a factor; Stay what will I may think today wrong and clever. Selfish sings the inner clever seed; Walk away don't try to know me; I've c...

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11. Night

The unborn darkness lives in day; The youth of dusk will soon grow older; Mature into the air of black; Steal your blood from nocturne prey; Embrace a million suns much darker; Caress the other world ...

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12. No Miracles For Me

Running alone; Trying to get away; My path is chosen once more again; Hold on to my only discipline; My chips will fall where I choose to play; And how I'll play; And all the mistakes that I have made...

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13. Onward

Onward I walk, alone and abandoned; Feeling the wind and the icy cold rain; Feeling each step, destiny hidden; All to aware of the fear and the pain; Feeling the sting of true betrayal; now I have no ...

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14. Reawaken

I recall, the day of the fall; Betrayal from brothers, bloodlines broken; No one but me from these eyes I can see; I heard only silence, disloyaling quietus; Discontented some else, a nightmare; From ...

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15. Storm Coming Soon

change in wind course; blowing to northeast; the wrath of sky unseen; but when the birds stop singing; crickets quiet its kind days quarantine; The wind's kiss is getting wetter; darkening, the truth ...

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16. The Kindness Of Strangers

Hello!! as you take a step back out of fear; it's just a primal reaction; Wait!! through the eyes of suspicious is clear; why is it you don't trust me? Gaze on a smile; that is sweet and so haunting; ...

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17. The Last Sunset

5 scores and 3 years my life's seen; My minds last command is read to me; No angel of death will take me away; my fear's washing away; So still while I'll rest; gaze upon the last sunset; Feel no cold...

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18. The Lost Side Of The World

The sun has set, the sky so red; harmless clouds are drifting high and pale; The moon so bright will make the night; only as black as a widows vale; Some stars will live, some stars will fall; Norther...

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19. The Neverending Sun

Burn as we run; Burn as we run; Run as our life burns away; Black is the clock of the cold synchronize; Pumping the blood of our pain; Turn away - far away; Never the first time; Do we forget when we'...

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20. The Next Triumph

[Part I: Remembrance]; At the end again my autumn wind will blow; I've returned to a place once lived; A cold cave filled with tears; A lost retreat from the storm that came; And killed green lands no...

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21. The Seven Tides Of Labyrinthine

Dream forever, forever I dream; Ten thousand galaxies away; Rests the world of hallowed waters; Two suns that shine on Labyrinthine; Reflections of the seven crescents; Icons of the gods once worshipp...

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22. The Waterfall Enchantress

A crystal river is flowing; and falling below; Fact or fiction; I've heard the tale; of death lady's cove; Many men come here; to seek the enchantress divine; lured by her power to heal saddened, hear...

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23. The Wrong Man

All through my life; All the time I've remembered; From when I was born; Could never tell the left from my right; But the right from wrong; I do admit that I am no angel; My dark room does tell me so;...

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24. Triad

The tree in the keep; Unaltered future; Uncurséd Triad; The sun of father time; Belongs to thee; Hold; Let us now pass the time; Still there is much more to conquer; Where are they and who are we; The...

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25. Where Evil Follows

Evil will follow; Faculty X speaks to me and again it's calling; I feel it warning me of something darker than kind purpose; Always I, the rod of lightning from the blackest clouds advancing; Finding,...

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26. Who Saw The Last Star Fall

Who saw the last star fall; Who heard the first note of death's song; Why is it now I have to wait; No place to hide, no true escaping; Left all alone for no man's sake; My planet home will lose today...

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27. Witches Winter Eternal

Snow on Easter; cold is this morning gray; Frozen noontime; no flowers will bloom today; I hear laughing; Over her land of endless white; I am hungry; She'll feed a cold dish tonight; Her white winter...

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