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1. Goodbye Now

Your heart’s been broken; your memories gone. She took them as a token and left with the sun. You realize now;; your life was a lie. You fell into the ground, looking up to the sky…; All you do is cry...

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2. Last Night

I just lost the way to truth. I try to find myself and wish you had pulled me through. But it feels like home when you leave me alone;; at the end of the day I’m a fool on my own. ; But if I, had just...

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3. Leave It All

There we stand and our hands; slipped away from eachother. We as pretending ones during our last sunset. Would you stay untill your dreams have become your radio? Patiently waiting for the slightest b...

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4. October Tune

I feel my heartbeat’s freezing as she sighs, but the friction eases me to call upon the surface; when bad news comes crashing in. And it’s the room that pulls me closer to the walls, because I’m afrai...

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5. Sad Exhibitions

Well I never fell apart like that, my heart, sparkled and took off straight ahead. Closing directions, to senses I never trust again. You looked away when, I saw you stare…; You pushed your way; throu...

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6. Turbulence

Guess what; it hurts. In two, I burst. Needles as answers collapse in laughter. Your words are at a loss;; Shiver’s all across your lips. And my eyes attempt to disguise…; I’ve never been this far yet...

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