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1. Fractured Queen

I am known as the fractured queen; I have cornered all the scenes; I have loved and I have lost; But now I am found; Oh yes I am found; I have stood on comfort's floor; Cut my tongue try'n to have som...

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2. Give Me 'til Morning

Give me 'til morning; To kiss you goodbye; The love I've been living; Has been years of lies; And you know I could hurt you; But it's the last thing I want to do; But there's someone who's waiting; So...

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3. Here In The Darkness

Had a dream again somebody help me; Take his image from my mind; 'Cause someone safe sleeps next to me; But it's another face that's all I see; It's a face that I remember I should never have set free...

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4. Isn't It Funny

Man at the river's edge; Thinks of things he should have said; But that was a long time ago; The truth cuts too deep now he's losing his sleep; Over love he should never let go; I picked up the book a...

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5. Last Dance

Dance; Where have the dances gone; You stand on the floor with the music on; Bright lights freeze; And you stand in one place; You look down to see my face; You take my hand; There we stand lost in ou...

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6. Love Changes Everything

When you've found someone new; And he's just like a dream; Can this really happen to you; As you sit there hoping; It will always be this way remember; Love changes everything; Love changes everything...

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7. Picasso

Well I ran across Picasso; With a paintbrush in his hand; He painted twenty houses; Between Elmhurst Road and Rand; And as he washed on up; I could tell that he was through; So I went up and I asked h...

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8. When The Train Comes

People born here well they die here too; Too many years same point of view; Got to hear some different sounds; Got to get me out of this town; When the train comes; Mama dreams of paintin' the sky; Da...

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