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1. Burn & Breath

It's time to wake up we're leaving no man behind; When the cloud of smoke clears; You'll be hearing it one time; We will burn it down; Words are broken while they're spoken; When you hit the ground; W...

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2. Deliverance

Knee deep and sinking; Waves crash upon my chest; I close my eyes, I gasp for air, let the tide take me away; As I turn my back to you again and for the last time; This wall I built between us both is...

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3. Interlude

Reaching out to the sunset; Holding onto every illusion; And though I've weathered the storm now; I am merely a passenger in this world; I've seen the rain wash the color from paintings; Though the pa...

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4. Lay In This Earth

How can you look at yourself in the mirror? And not hate the fuck you've become? Your reflection is becoming clearer, turn away from the things that you've done; How could I welcome you hear into my l...

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5. Memories

Black the sky, turn the sun down, I am writing alone with my wounds; I'll never see your face again; Sands of time, come to claim you, resting deep in the hands of the earth; I'll never hear you breat...

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6. Paths

As I begged and bartered on the streets of hell; You gave me nothing had no truth to tell; I believed everything you said; You've mislead me, I've lost my way; You made me believe, I had nothing bette...

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7. Shapeshifter

Awaken the dead, you never lived in the first place; You'll carry my name, I wanted this in the worst way; I need to hear the truth, in every breath; As I wrap my noose around your neck; Breathe, the ...

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8. The Cursed

Take all my pain away; Flush it down the fucking drain; I've made my way; This is my chance to break the mold; And wash the blood from my hands; From my hands; I'm letting go; I'm letting go; Beneath ...

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9. The Sound Of a Broken World

This is the sound, this is the sound of a broken world; I've left it all behind; Watch the sun, arising to the sound of desolation; I'm alone, with nothing but a silent world around me; Fall asleep to...

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10. This Road

Please just break me; Take me for all that I am; Won't you save me? This road that we walk is devoid of exit signs; I never said that this road would be easy; If you're not careful you'll stumble and ...

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