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1. Lights

I had a way then; Losing it all on my own; I had a heart then; But the queen has been overthrown; And I'm not sleeping now; The dark is too hard to beat; And I'm not keeping up; The strength I need to...

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2. Numbers

What if I told you what if I told you; That we're not to know about the; True designs of the world; What if I told you that we're not to know; About the true designs; About the plans they've been; For...

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3. Systematic Suffering

Splitted tongue, you two faced scum; We all know what you've become; All the time you spent on fooling us; We are so much better off without you; Liars; We're coming for your throats; We're better off...

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4. The Lies

Why is it that we have to do all these things; We don't like and do things we despise; When we'd rather be alive and thrive in; The way we're supposed to, in the way we were designed; We try to leave ...

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