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1. Good Looking

Good looking, not thinking now, Good looking, with someone else, Shes not dreaming, of me anymore, Good looking, now with some other guy, Good looking, just driving me wild, Shes not thinking, not of ...

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2. So Begin

She sees the sun risin, My mood reflects in her grin, Dont speak no words its a sin, As time stops now, Shes holding onto my heart, She ll feel the beat stop and start, Measure of lust in the dark, Pl...

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3. Tales From The Messed Up

Im back in the alleyway behind your house again, Wrapped in emotions levels of lust depending, Stairing up at you, your framed by your window, Standing captivated, you turn the radio on, you dance the...

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4. The Deacons Daughter

The congregation leaving church i see, Outcast the Deacons watching me, His daughters not what she appears to be, The girl has skuppered me, I leave, Shes not what he believes, ; Could it be the last ...

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