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1. All Dears

song - " All Dears "; One Stop by Gerty and Nichy; ; I Don´t know what say; I don´t know what he said; But I went in that place; You can´t spoke to me what her toke; Prechorus - But all the dears make...

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2. Bored

You are so jerk; So jerk,but i no got time; I very sad rigth now; I don´t want you in my head; CHORUS: You are so Bored; uh uh uh uh uh; Bored and jerk; uh uh uh; Finally to same; uh uh uh uh uh; Same...

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3. Give Me

I think you the more beautifuil; I think you my love; But you is a lier,a prettending; so much for our ending... ; chorus; we all have our down; you don´t see? we all have ours lies; but you no like h...

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4. Inside My Head

Iside my head; You go out with no reasons of course; This story falling down,i don´t forgotten; You secret love me,but no said me in right time; [chorus]You is the sky of my head; Just inside mt head,...

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5. Let's Think

C´mon guy...let´s over here; I think you are my everything; She´s not right I can make it feel... ; CHORUS:But ok... C´mon Guy; let´s dream ,make it,make it,you,is not right,but is ok; c´mon over here...

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6. Making Noise

**making noise**; - by sassie e jubabis; ; I dont need help; i dont nedd yourself; i cant lie; i cant remind,but; ; Chorus: Everybody´s shaking; Everybody´s making; everybody have a style,everybody ca...

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7. Money's For Something

Money´$ 4 $omething; you were paiding the bill; I was living the hill; I love this Brazil; and she loves that suck; dont say that,you get it,just check:; if you kick my ass,i kiss you,mr. fuc*r! ; Cho...

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8. My

my; is my time now,my my time! my; my; my; my! chorus:girl,boy,child; is my my m my words! my; my; my; my; my; my; my; my; my; my; my; my; my; my; my

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9. She Lost

She Lost; I want help she; Because she is my best friend; She love my lover (he),and i think; very coll,this story; [chorus]; what she feel,what the wind; now,we got a lies,we got a angry,he love she ...

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10. Together

Together; ; Tell me about us; we are love; But only tell the true; I can´t listen lies; ; CHORUS:we are together; only together; together we do weird thing; Things of love; ; Don´t tell me about she; ...

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11. What To Do!?

what to do!? I think you a lier,a sad child,you don´t know play,and talk like one people common. Use me; Use me; I like your face,and your eyes,ugly is your words make me confused! [chorus]; Obvious i...

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12. Yesterday

Yesterday; Today I back from my home; back from my sad history; Tomorrow I go from your home; To see...your good things; ; Chorus: I wanna back yesterday,back from; my history,back from my life alone;...

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