One Step Too Many

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1. Convictions

take one more puff take one more sip its up to you you coulda chose to quit, were here for you if you ever need to talk. you sold yourself out for a good time you; laughed at me when i didnt try. we'l...

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2. Intro

burtonsville where i live all day; we roam the streets; and we love to skate; go offroading in the woods; you better think twice before you come in my hood; Burtonsville, what a beautiful town. Riding...

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3. Loma Linda

for so long, we have walked this line of mediocrity; the time is now to choose a side; where do you stand; your either hot or cold; theres no middle ground; lukewarm and youll be spit out of his mouth...

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4. Motivation

how can i give up now no way ive gone too far; now we will pick up the pace and show this world who we are; its our faith that keeps us going, what do you believe in; its weakness that were showing gi...

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5. Still Young

I am still young, but my heart is real; Your not my judge you dont know how i feel; Tellin me when i grow up ill sell out, This is my life this is what im about; I dont care about what you think; Your...

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6. Today My Father

with crafty words and innocence he slowly took me; questioning what i have always known; i bought the lie that seemed so good at the time; the moment i thought i was strong became my downfall; how lon...

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7. We Roll Deep

ive given into you for the last time, this time; i know my consequences your just not worth it; with my god on my side, ill never go back to that; heads i win, tails you lose; well spit this world bac...

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