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1. Darkness

In the Darkness of me yourself, In the Darkness I try to hear forces, Tracking down my past away, In my quest spirits are guiding me, Any learnings caught from the past... ; And now, I want to live my...

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2. Falling

One to tell that there’s nothing more, Pessimism, i don’t understand, When you tell that there’s nothing more, Think about good times we had, ; Now you’ve gone, now you’re lone again, suffering the sa...

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3. Iraq

Right you say that you come to obey, Everything's done without a part of any rules! WIthout a part of any truth! Iraq, never bend and resist Iraq! Freedom's not the steal of gas and everything and tor...

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4. My Friend

Oh wherever you go, my friend, Whatever you do, my friend, When you tramp (over) the world, You're my (friend) ... ; When you come back in hero, When you come back no sorrows, When you come, you're my...

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5. Rising

Repressions, oppressions are rising, Rising the pain, world's gone insane... Culture and sciences (are) falling, falling again, Elites (are) to blame ! Revolution is today, Evolution 'd have been bett...

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6. Rock'n'roll

Enter the room; Gonna destroy, My former life, Yeah! Attracting me; Gonna explode, My underwears, She's touching me! My rock'n'roll has come; Undressing me, My rock'n'roll has come, ; It was in the cl...

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7. Waking Up

Handicapped now, healthy yesterday, Am i broken (or) stronger, Giving up, ideas just swept away... ; Waking up, can't run, can't walk, can't fall, Anyway i'm stronger, Waking up to push limits away! I...

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