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1. Call It A Story

Can't hear what they're saying to me;; They're right in front of me, and you're so distracting. I'm looking beyond their faces looking at me;; You're just arriving, and my heartbeats reacting. ; Best ...

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2. Crushed Beneath The Wait

The room, it starts to spin; And I begin; To realize that you may; Not find the way; The walls begin to push me in; It's hard to see where this could end; The shadows start to fill this room; I'm hopi...

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3. Gravity

I'm sure your saying, its about time; you kept him waiting thinking life was mine; i spent my life wandering away, not knowing you were; begging to stay; now that i'm here, i've seen that you've arriv...

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4. Love

I read her story tonight, And I think it's only right that I should tell you how I feel. If you had told me today that love could change the way; This world remains, I'd say it'd stay the same; Cause ...

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5. Near To Far

I've been longing for this moment all my life. I've been dreaming since I could dream. Though it's taken quite a journey, We're only ending the beginning. ; Here we are, I'm oh so close. Cant you see ...

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6. Say Anything

Dear, putting pen to paper; In hopes this finds you better; Our moment takes my mind. ; Remember the kiss that took my breath away? Was it everything you meant to say to me? Say anything that you want...

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7. So Long

When your world was crumbling, I was there in your time of need. Broken glass for a broken dream; Like riots on an empty street. ; So long to everything you held so dear. Your world stops here. ; You ...

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8. Tears Behind A Smile

You're standing there (remember this moment); Your gaze is piercing through us all (it's almost faded); But what's unclear (we'll try to learn from it); I'm under pressure and am ready to fall. ; I le...

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9. This Game

This empty feeling, blame it on me; Do i deserve this? i must deserve this; My soul is sinking; guilt watches me; What is my purpose? i must have purpose; So i stop and breath; You tell me i'm fine, n...

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