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1. Luv Is Far Away

Babe, there's something new; Just add a lie and some truth; Tonight we need to stick around; Babe, if I joined you; I'm sure you'll know what to do; Sometimes you need to look around; But I've forgott...

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2. No Pretend

(There's no time to pretend); No, I've never really wanted this; What you were feeling; What you were asking me; No, I no longer feel; The way you do; Does it matter? Does it matter? Let me tell you w...

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3. Speed Of Time

I don't care about time; I do not care about time! Cuz throughout the night; There are many things to find; Whatever I have tried; Got better into the night; So only tonight; There is no wrong or righ...

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4. Unless

Let's spend the night listening to the drums; Call all your friends, call everyone; Oh... lets follow lights throughout the night; We don't have a plan; But we've got the city lights; Take me out, tak...

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