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1. A Girl Named Bob

It's only been two days since I've seen your face; But already I'm at my wit's end; If only you were here then I'd have nothing to fear; As it is I'm alone again; There's nothing I can say, won't wait...

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2. Apathy

Hey guys, let’s grab the keys; Cause I’m tired of this fucking town; I’m tired of wasting time; And I’m tired of sitting around; Call all the friends you know; Make sure you grab the beer; Don’t care ...

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3. Beer Goggles

Came to the party on my own; Didn't wanna leave alone; So this one girl caught my eye; Till I saw the size of her thighs; It's too late she's coming my way; So I guess I'll pretend I'm gay; She said o...

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4. Bmx

Life is so easy, so easy for me; Just sitting around, staring at my TV; People call me a loser, but I don't really care; Cause nothing's better than this, just me and my dirty underwear; We're all los...

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5. Corndog

He's been thinking for a while this town is way too lame; All the kids watch MTV and hang out at the football games; So he's decided it's up to him, he's got to make the change; He want's to start a p...

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6. Dream Girl

Late at night when I fall asleep, she's always there waiting for me; She thinks I'm witty and she likes my band, she's the only girl I understand; With pretty eyes and perfect boobs, she'll smoke me o...

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7. G.d.i

Walking to my class one day, a bunch of guys got in my way; With highlighted hair and matching shirts, they stare at all of the girls' skirts; They look at me as I go by, one whispered something about...

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8. Ghetto Bird

Well it's been six years since I left home; With everyone around I never was alone; But times are a-changing so I'll take a chance and say; If it wasn't for you guys I wouldn't be here today; Remember...

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9. Internet Love Song

Every night at half past ten, he sends her another IM; Hey girl how was your day? Work kind of sucks but I'm ok; Types real slow with his left hand cause he's got the right one down his pants; She doe...

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10. My Neighbor's Dog

Well I woke up at three a. m. from sleeping; Fell out of bed and hit the floor, start screaming; My neighbor's dog is going nuts at nothing; It's time to shut that fucker up, start scheming; I wanna k...

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11. Naked you Know That Life

You know that life; Would be so much better; Just you and me; And a bottle of cocoa butter; If you didn't look so good; In your blue sweater; I'd say let's run away; Run away to sunny weather; I want ...

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12. Normalcy

Don't like school and I don't like work; Don't like you 'cause I'm a jerk; Don't like getting up in the morning; Don't like cops 'cause they're the man; I don't like green eggs and ham; You're cookie-...

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13. Plastic Fancy Pants

I lay awake at night knowing something isn't right; Between me and you but I don't know what to do; Could always call you on the phone, but I wanna be alone; I know it might sound bad but I'm tired of...

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14. Punk Rock Star

I want to be in a punk rock band; Don't play any instruments, but I'll do anything I can; To get up on that stage, have the girlies screaming at me; I'm not talking about the Backstreet Boys, I'm talk...

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15. Scott Evil

Well I'm sick and tired of being told advice; But I'll never change and you're never right; I think it's dumb of you to tell me what to do; You're no better off you're a fuck up to; If you wanna be so...

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16. The Other Guy

Boyfriend buys her lots of crap; And I don't have to deal with that; Because in the end she comes home with me

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