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1. Alea Iacta Est

Sharp steel cuts a breathless body; Slender fingers go into flesh like snakes; Extract liver, squeeze a wheezing heart; Crimson blood flows on to the floor; And the feet of the waiting; Prophecies of ...

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2. Damnation Of Eternity

Like thunder and explosion from nowhere, Breaking the walls; A voice is howling in the fresh ruins; Scary words of the one who executed babies in egypt; Are pronounced by the demon of waste, the serva...

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3. Impelled By Revenge

Too kind for some; Too weak for others; You are a pariah in the world where the winner; Is he who doesn't give a damn about anybody; Who's ready to make his way over corpses; To get to the top; It's i...

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4. Mother Of All Sins

You'd like to help everybody; To save them from themselves; Shining proudly like a star in the sky; Not only you; But what for? Messiah or miserable hypocrite? You are not the man you wanna seem to be...

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5. Watch My Ascent

Once having crossed the line; You won't leave the road; Only spitting upon all reproaches; You can choose your way of life; To stay composed; Looking your fate in the face; Not to resign oneself; To a...

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