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1. Day I Fall

I might be a damsel but I'm not in distress; I've just been battling loneliness; But a cowboy will save me all dressed in white; You can bet your last doubt when he does; I'm gonna dance in the street...

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2. Fall Like That

Puttin' out a fire; With gasoline; Walkin on a wire; In a hurricane; Floatin' down a river; In a paper cup; Tryin' not to love you; Just can't be done; Hey, there's no turnin' back; There's nothin' yo...

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3. I Can Love Anyone

Maybe it was me, But it just didn't feel like anyway to breathe; Being with him, underneath his thumb left a heavy print on me; All the things, that I tried to change to be the girl he needs; The quie...

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4. Misery Loves Company

I've got a cloud hanging over my head; Wolf is scratching at the back door; Boogieman sleeping under my bed, pulling the covers on the wood floor; Misery loves company, and baby this ain't good; Miser...

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5. When It Ain't Rainin

Well there used to be a time when your roses and your wine; Were the kind of offer I could not refuse; You think love's a swingin' door just a shelter from your storms; But baby I can't cry one more t...

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