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1. 10 Thousand Arms

Nothing is said nor done; The tables have turned; My eyes are open; I'm looking out at the world; It's right in front of me; With arms outstretched; But am I really there; I see the faces that effect ...

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2. Blanket

Cover me ill cover you; In this thing that is worthless; Drive me ill drive you; In this called illness; Materials; Blanket the way that you act; And things that you do; Saturate me with this spray; I...

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3. Formulated

Visions; These visions of corruption; So that so clearly; Blind us of a smooth path; Bury; These thoughts inside the hate grows near; Bury; These visions of a lukewarm society; These thoughts; These t...

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4. Hidden

The eyes; The breath; The hands; That you embrace me with; The thoughts; The memories; Nothing could ever break this; Broken halo; We would never part; Inseparable from the start; Desperate for the ha...

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5. Last Cycle

A factious statement of time; A pill to keep you safe from this crime; The morals have been degenerated; A young womb becomes infected; As it falls; Time has become; An immoral seed; The world is noth...

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6. One Way

Everybody run; What is it? Who is it? What has it done for me? I think I'm one away from it though; It was never meant to be like this; There's only one way to get there; Everybody run; Once then twic...

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7. Shaded Summer

Run with it; Knives come from all different directions; Who's mouth is it coming from; Throw down all of this and come to the true design; This is what you say to me; I don't care anymore; Take the fi...

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8. Step Back

Step back; The barricades fall; Another step towards hate; You look past your own slate; Just kill two birds with one stone; Now your life shall be left alone; Step back; Take your hand off the switch...

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9. Withered

Where has it gone? It was supposed to be right here; I thought it was ok; But it drifted away; I hear the sound; Stop and start again; I've seen the soul fall apart before me; I feel the touch come fo...

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