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1. Crime Ridden Society

Land of the murdered; Home of the grave; Crime the way to go; Criminal reality; Leave it alone; Where it belongs; I will not live in fear; Human devastation; Controlling life's fate; Rusted wheels of ...

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2. Hakanai Ronri

Migatte na riakushon sameta gokan de jajji shite; Akirame no dakyou saku ga mune no oku wo nokku suru; Sono doa wo akeru na kitsuku gokan wo rokku shite; Rojikaru na hikidashi mo shimai oku he oku he ...

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3. Illogical World

Tatta hitotsu boku ni shika dekinai koto; Sagashi tsudzukeru koto de; Boku wa boku wo shinjite ireru'n da yo; Mou nando mo kurikaeshi onaji mondai wo Kakaete kita kedo; Konpon teki na kaiketsu saku wa...

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4. Our Fight

We must get priorities straight; work together, stop all this hate; racist ways are so wrong; black and whites are equally strong; WE MUST UNITE; THIS IS OUR FIGHT; One race better than the rest; that...

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5. Our Scene, Your Fear

Rise of the pisces; fuck the earth; missed you the last time; need to come again; playing in C-town; will get you beat down; come up this way; LOSE THE LIFE; DON'T TRY TO RUN (X2); beating inspired; D...

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6. Pure Disgust

Don't come over here; we don't need or want you; a country for Americans; vultures won't rule; in your rat land; you belong and rot; D.P. worthless scums; should all die enraged; Dirty fucking leaches...

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7. Real Domain

You ignorant kid; punk-rock back-woods fuck; rebel against the norm; try to rebel towards me; Time to enter my domain; don't disrupt my throne; cross the boundary wrong; I'll gut you like a pig; Now y...

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8. Riots

Look at what you've done; the destruction makes me laugh; ruining the little that you have; very soon you'll have nothing; Break down all the cities; innocent must perish; keep the system's falling do...

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9. Stra-hate Edge

I remember way back when; we had each others backs; loyal to the end; everyone was straight; everything was true; now it's too late; for me and you; YOU STILL CAN'T KEEP ME DOWN; you can't keep me dow...

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10. The Violent Few (o.l.c.)

ONE LIFE CREW back again; this time only manned by us; big daddy runnin' the show; step up, beat up, black eye; Clevo not how it used to be; now just a PUNK ROCK SCENE; why's the edge go so dull? I mu...

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11. Tsuioku Merry-go-roud

Merry go-round mawaru yume no sekai ni; Nokosareta kimi no yokogao oikakete asa o mukaeru; Mou nidoto kao nante mitakunai wa tte ii suteta; Hoho ni wa namida ga tsutatte ita; Kimi wa mujun no aranami ...

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