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1. Alone

After a long time; You don´t remember anymore; Forgoten memories left behind; Fast Hearthbeat Darkned Mind; Full of reason, To much sure; Lot mistakes, You need some time; GO! Run for freedon; Run for...

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2. In Those Days

Only words, doesn´t satisfy me; Wasted years, times that don´t come back; Alive memories inside me, In those days; I thought that would not be like this way; Couldn´t be like this way; I thought that ...

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3. Remotired

I´m tired of watching the same shit on TV; For people don´t understand…; For people don´t want to see; There´s more merchandise than information; Money in their pockets, our brain degradation; We buy ...

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4. Something

Sometimes I feel something strange; Voices, Dark, Cold, Noise and Distubence; How can I send him away? What m´I supose to do? Should I have to pray? How can make it go away? What fuck is that? What fu...

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