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1. Absolve

Torn to shreds in agony; Your words pierced me; This is my therapy; You cannot imagine this pain within myself; I drown in shards, my soul is glass; A child shatters and falls to the ground; Just anot...

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2. All To Gray

Why can't it be simple like it is when we were young instead everything is hard nothing makes; Sense i can't figure anything out all i can do is sit and let the tears roll down my face as; My eyes fil...

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3. Bloodlust Revenge

Through one choice made all choice is gone; And I see them throught ice glazed eyes; I envisioned their will to never crack; Now these hands are ties behind a broken back; Whatever I once knew fell ap...

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4. Defiance

My eyes close tighter; To wish it all away; No one will be left; To take the blame; Other let each other sink deeper; Into the unbroken cycle of self slavery; One day will come when all will see; It's...

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5. Deliver Me

I look into the mirror and i can't see what's wrong i gaze at my face i look into my eyes i; Make the faces that i've made before what makes them come so close what makes them turn away; My eyes revea...

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6. Forever Your Enemy

Controlled by our world - be leaders leash holders they meddle with every aspect of ou; Idialy lives conditioned for silent servitude we live out our lives confined to a cell to; Possess a shred of in...

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7. From Cradle To Grave

Born to die born into the life of a slave breaking our backs for an early grave living a; Live of toil and woe then we die, that's how the story goes to know one's place never step; Out of line this r...

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8. God Loves, Man Kills

God loves, man kills all that he makes god loves, god gives man hates, man takes; Indiscriminately without discretion we destroy his creation blessed with a curse a knack for; Decay where life exists ...

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9. Gravity Wins Again

Something picture perfect. something cracking. stress facture weeping. Fading picture graying image visage clutching holding keeping. something evil. something pure. This compulsion will be the very t...

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10. Hasp

I don't deserve this. I don't deserve an ounce of this. See it any way you want. Feign concerne for me. Demonstrate your stupidity. You have the nerves to ask me if i'm ok. I'm not okay. It's not okay...

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11. In The Blood

You think that i'm worthless you call me different a useless being a waste, a loss i beg to; Differ from where i stand it is you who is lost a multitude of idiocy an army of weaklings; And drones foll...

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12. Indifferent Now

You turned your back on me after i opened so much for you you'd see i was always there if; You'd only turned around but your eyes are averted as you stand on your own and your warm; Embrace has dissol...

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13. Mass Suicide

In this world of morality and righteousness; There are more than enough stones to be cast; Pure birthed from the polluted parasites of sysematic acidity; What has been reaped, I shall not sow; I will ...

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14. More Hate Than Fear

I'm so fed up with the lies; Their unwillingness to compromise; Sickness decay; Time has come to pay; There is no turning back from here; There is no shame there is no fear; There is no turning back f...

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15. No Escape From Self

Fractured view of life fictions starts to decay there's no escape from self there's no escape; From the pain facade walls pulled down image world forced out return of the repressed there's; No escape ...

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16. Poison What You Give

Dont't tell me you neveer saw it coming. in my head: the throbbing, the fucking, the running. Peace of mind far behind and just out of reach. berak and erase so this moment in time will never have bee...

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17. Prey To Human Silence

Caged and oppressed; Their cries remain Supressed; Falling victim to human violence; Falling prey to human silence; Killing without necessity; This ignorance enraging me; Killing without necessity; Un...

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18. Who Am I

Merit less intoxication straight edge, my liberation i sever all ties from poison and greed; Placing distance between me and that wich i don't need proud to be who i am i make this choice; For me and ...

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