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Letra da Música Gemini de One Inch Punch

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What´s that you said
and could you please
leave the door ajar

what´s that you posed?
tell me how that goes
and who else knows? she knows

questions in your mind
trying hard to find
but simply be for you and you and he

rollin´through the hills with a tune in my brain
rally rims on the tires fuck the big gold chain
hotbox the car and then we off to the next,
cause gemini is the song upon the 8-track deck

did you come to win?
or do you hope to lose?
you have to choose

do you have regrets?
did you forget?
how much you lose your blues

never mention me too much for you
in spite of he! sullen memory

she was the kissing type,
loved teddy bears,
she loves getting high
she´s got a washed out nose
and ashed on sleeves
nobody loves her
everyone loves her,
now she´s gone, now she´s gone
what´s left for me scatter beings these.

Ficha Técnica da Música Gemini

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Número de Palavras 135
Número de Letras 840
Intérprete One Inch Punch

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