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1. Amazing

I feel sweet, do you feel sweet? It's amazing; I have no skin, and I feel everything; It's amazing; I feel good, when you feel good; I knew I would; It's amazing; I've wanted this for so long; Now the...

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2. Astronauts

you float like a baby; trying to escape this; covered in tar; but every recording; you keep distorting; like an astronaut; it's funny old world; full of headaches in turn; so whenever you need space; ...

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3. Baloons

It's only five miles to heaven; With all the usual stops; I took the right directions; And I'm farther than I was at the start; And you keep telling me the story about some killer bees; Seems I've gon...

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4. Chocolate

I'm just sitting in the clouds today; I hope to god it doesn't rain; Coz everyone got problems and i know I've got mine; But at least I've got the stars with me; Then i fall down; I just fall now; Can...

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5. Chosen One

You might not be the chosen one; Still you wait for your time to come; But your faith has taken a tumble; And your pride is shaken and humble, now; You must know nothing's set in stone; You must know ...

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6. Givin' Up

Givin' up (x4); I've woken up to the radio; And I've hardly had any sleep; And the song that plays will stay with me all day; And I hate it; Over and over again; Another one of those crazy days; And t...

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7. Hometime

Picture me in a boat on the sea; Five fingered leaves keep covering me; Don't you know that the big Ferris Wheel is eventually stalling; I see you I see the animals too; Especially those that are out ...

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8. Kandi

You've been my queen for longer than you know; My love for you has been; Every step I take; Every day I live; Everything I see; And if i get things wrong; Don't want you to think I'm running away; But...

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9. Simple Day

Let me tell you about a simple day; In my own way I woke up at six today; Put on the coffee machine; I always dreamed of being a millionaire; Not a care in the world because I'm losing my hair; Dressi...

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10. Slip

Slip off my skin-fall into stayin' in; With you-with you inside my head; Mail me a sample-phone me a kiss; I'm in a dream; Get me out of this; And of all the creatures under the sky; There is...

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11. Ufo

I look like a UFO; Standing in the rain; And it feels like I'm going down; am I still the same; gonna be a game; beat until I'm black and blue; can't get up again; and it feels like I'm going down; go...

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